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Junkanoo street festival for Saturday canceled

All outdoor activities associated with the Miami Bahamas Junkanoo Festival 2015, including the street festival, has been postponed. In celebration of the 42nd anniversary of the islands of The Bahamas, the Bahamas Consulate General Miami, its Ministry of Tourism and the city of Miami had formed a partnership to bring a series of events to South Florida. On Thursday, the Bahamas held an invitation-only kick-off reception at The Kampong, 4013 S Douglas Rd.

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Miami-Dade's first Black police director found dead Wednesday

Commissioner Monestime and other officials express sadness in statements and on social media

The Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) said it is investigating the death of former Miami-Dade Police Department Police Director Robert Parker. 
Parker was a 33-year veteran of law enforcement and the first Black to hold the post of Director under former Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez. Thursday morning, July 23, Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Jean Monestime, issued a statement of condolence on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners.
 “I’m deeply saddened by the news of the death of former Miami-Dade Police Director Robert Parker. Director Parker was an inspiring leader who made history as the police department’s first African American director after

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Serena Williams is greatness

The amount of racism that Serena Williams has and continues to face is disgraceful. It is mind boggling when the mainstream media tries to put down maybe the greatest female athlete that we have ever seen. Instead of focusing on the sheer dominance of this great athlete, folks are discussing her appearance just as much as they are discussing her place in history. This leads me to ask, what is wrong with Serena’s appearance?

FMU names new men’s head basketball coach

Florida Memorial University has named Artis Maddox its new men’s head basketball coach and assistant athletic director. Maddox will work with the athletic director to develop and maintain a system to identify potential recruits and adhere to National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) rules and regulations. He will also support coaches and student-athletes on interfacing with the sports governing body and monitor a complaint environment in compliance with NAIA.

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Miami Central gets ready for exciting fall football season

Rockets hope to win their fourth consecutive state championship

After returning from the state championship last season, Miami Central High School’s football team is looking to repeat the same goal for this coming season. The offseason has been key for the development of many the of players and coaches to pursue their fourth consecutive state championship.

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Overtown youth 'Rock the Vote' at Dorsey Park

Community service event helped residents to register to vote on July 18

The historic Dorsey Park was robust with energy and civic engagement on Saturday, July 18, during the “Rock the Vote” F.A.C.E. community service event. Dorsey Park is located in the heart of Overtown at 1701 NW First Ave. Young people ages 16-24 and interns in the F.A.C.E. (Film, Art & Culture, Coding and Entrepreneurship) Summer Youth Training & Employment Program were an intricate part of the process. Young people contributed in two areas: voting and donations. Interns invited and helped residents to register to vote, a two-minute process that required the completion of a voter’s registration application and a license. Some residents who were not able to register onsite received suggestions on how they might be able to obtain their voter’s rights.

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Graduates ready for financial industry

Center for Financial Training and Miami Dade College School of Business graduate 77 high school, college students from Future Bankers’ Camp

Growing up in Overtown, Brandy Hall caught the business bug when she started selling T-shirts at summer day camp at Booker T. Washington High. This summer, she was one of 77 students who raised her game at a different kind of camp: the 2015 Future Bankers’ Camp, getting on-the-job experience as a bank teller in the innovative four-week internship for high school and college students hosted by Miami Dade College and the Center for Financial Training.

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Lifestyle Happening

Inner City Children’s Touring Dance will have free Introductory Classical Ballet Workshops for girls ages 6-8 and 9-12 on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Call 305-758-1577 or visit www.childrendance.net. Miami Northwestern Class of 1995 is celebrating its 20th year reunion July 24 – 26. Call 786 -873-6353, 786- 356-9263 or visit the class Facebook page. Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. is sponsoring a Summer Ball Scholarship Dance on Saturday, July 25 from 8 p.m. until 12 at the Church of the Incarnation Parish Hall.  Call 305- 758-7438.

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FAMU makes historic appearance before House Committee

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) President Elmira Mangum testified on July 15 before the House Committee on Agriculture. Mangum was one of six 1890 land-grant university (LGU) presidents selected to testify before the committee. The five other participating universities were Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical University; Fort Valley State University; North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; Tuskegee University; and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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Liberty City kids receive free school supplies

Key Biscayne event benefited more than 250 children

More than 250 children from Liberty City received free school supplies, uniforms and shoes at an event in Key Biscayne on July 11. In an effort to support its sister city, the Village of Key Biscayne brought the children to the Key for the third annual “Christmas in July” event.

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Chatter that Matters

Sharing with my readers recent correspondence concerning the Historic Hampton House Trust. Dr. Enid Pinkney Dear Ron and Consultants: Thanks for the stimulating retreat. It pointed out several things we need to work on. I like how you press us to come up with what we want to be about and how much money we are putting into fund-raising. I saw 60 minutes last night and it articulated what I was trying to say I would like to see us do. We need to “tell our story”. Our story can be told in music, dance, art, history and other medium involving the humanities. We have great possibilities if we know how to embrace them. Again thank you for breakfast and lunch and your skills in leadership.

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The Social Whirl

Readers want to read articles that inform, inspire, entertain and enlighten. In the past months since writing this article, that has been my aim as a writer. A pasttime that has always been a passion for me. Wanting to share and tell our stories, which are your stories in our connections. I receive emails often, and last week received one that asked this question: “Did you grow up in a Bahamian neighborhood?” My answer is yes. 1821 Northwest 6th Court in Overtown. I wil never forget our neighbors or the neighborhood. ANother question was: “Was your family Bahamian?” To answer that question would be to write another column, a history. Another time, perhaps. But a partial answer would merely say, “I have island roots, all ‘kabunkled’ up.” ( SMILE)

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Common shines, T.I. tanks at Sumfest 2015

Six-day reggae event had something for every music lover in attendance

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — Reggae Sumfest 2015, held at Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in tourist haven Mo’Bay, featured six days of excitement and “bashment,” from July 12-18. From beach parties to international artists to classic reggae artists to modern-day dance hall chart toppers, Sumfest had something for every music lover.

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Don't let Cosby's demise kill our spirit of good will

Like many who've been watching Bill Cosby's life unravel amid more rape allegations, I'm utterly frustrated.   The cause of my angst isn't Cosby himself as many would think. I consider Cosby to be a flawed human being, a very successful one, but nothing more and nothing less. My frustration is with those using him as a launching pad to attack good will and altruism in society. Each and every time someone like Cosby is outed for wrongdoing a light is shone on their charitable giving as if this facet of their being should be obliterated.

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Closed housing projects to blame for crime in Miami Gardens

City officials said with the planned redevelopment of Liberty Square, they are monitoring movements

Miami Gardens residents like to talk, especially when they socialize. When the talk is about crime in the area many residents say the same thing — that the increase in crime can be blamed on displaced housing projects residents. The residents say after the Scott-Carver projects residents were forced to move out and relocate from their Liberty City homes, they saw a spike in crime from outsiders. Anthony Joshua who has lived in Miami Gardens since he was 3-years-old, believes many of those “lost” residents move to Miami Gardens. “When the Scotts were closed everyone moved north,” Joshua, now 27, said. “Not only did they move north, they moved north with their crime, with their robberies, with their killings, and that made Miami Gardens have one of the highest crime rates.”

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Million Man March returns for Justice or Else

Minister Louis Farrakhan will promote historical 20th anniversary in Miami

Twenty years ago, the National Mall was filled with countless Black men who stood together at the Million Man March, seeking a positive change in their lives, their communities and their nation. Most attendees described the historic event as impactful and life changing. But many agree it is time to take a stand once again today. Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam certainly agrees and has once again organized the Million Man March, on its 20th anniversary.

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West Grove gets official visitor center

With a growing number of locals and visitors seeking to experience and explore Miami’s vibrant multicultural heritage neighborhoods, on Monday the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau launched the Coconut Grove Village West Visitor Center inside KROMA gallery, a communal art space. The new visitor center will provide visitors and residents with a resource for

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Prisoner fathers reunite with their children

Children of Inmates program arranges reunions at 14 prisons

Warnisha Davis hadn't seen her father in six years. The 16-year-old was teary-eyed when she saw him last Wednesday at the Everglades Re-Entry Center, a correctional facility for prisoners who have three or less years left on their prison sentences. "It's been so long since I've seen him. I'm crying, but they are happy tears," said Warnisha. Warren Harris, who is serving a 13-year prison sentence for armed burglary, couldn't believe his eyes. "I almost didn't recognize her," said Harris, who is scheduled to be released in 2017. "My little girl has grown up so much. She's a beautiful, young woman."

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Let there be activism of all kinds

There is a lot of talk about activism lately—who is doing it right, who is representing whom and who is using activism to advance themselves. There are even groups that have formed to condemn other activists such as Mothers Against Al Sharpton. At least there is activism. After the Civil Rights Movement died down, the “Flower Children” of the Woodstock generation carried on a different type of activism. Then they had to grow up, leave their mud pits, exchange sandals for stilettos, be parents and form companies. A deep silence followed at the same time when reform after reform worked against Black folk. Prison sentences got

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North Miami city council condemns Dominican Republic

Officials urge Obama administration to make sanctions for citizens of Haitian descent

North Miami elected officials are calling out the Dominican Republic for the act of approving a law that will make citizens of Haitian descent be deported if they cannot prove their Dominican ethnicity. The city council is also calling out the Obama Administration for keeping silent on the matter they call a human rights issue. The charge, led by councilman Alix Desulme, is to bring attention to matter happening on the island nation, where the councilman and many of North Miami residents have family and friends who will be affected.


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