Obama unveils sweeping reform to immigration, challenges opposition

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama unveiled expansive executive actions on immigration Thursday night to spare nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation and refocus enforcement efforts.

Online donations support Give Miami Day

On Nov. 13, Dr. Enid Pinkney sent a blast e-mail. Subject line: Give Miami Day for Historic Hampton House Community Trust.

Culture clash ends with call for unity

One week after winning a racially charged campaign, Dr. Smith Joseph first official duty as mayor was to call for ethnic harmony. Nearly 1,000 people, including dignitaries from local and state governments, packed the plaza at the Museum of Contemporary ...

Opa-locka Citizens want Holmes out of commission

Less than two weeks after Opa-locka election results were announced, a group of residents want a re-elected commissioner out of an office seat he’s held since 1994. Timothy Holmes received enough votes to garner a fifth consecutive term as Opa-locka ...

A not so traditional Thanksgiving

Chef Richard Ingraham cooked a full Thanksgiving meal on Monday, more than a week before the holiday. That was after he attended to Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and his family, for whom he is personal chef for 11 years and ...

Bond funds to replace Frederick Douglass Elementary

Benjamin Brown, 80, remembers when Frederick Douglass Elementary School in Overtown had no cafeteria. “We had to eat in the classroom,” said Brown, who attended the school in 1939. “There was a lady who sold hot dogs and hamburgers out ...

All we ever do is talk about embracing educational reform

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about our public school systems. A recent report revealed that 49 schools within Tulsa Public Schools received an F grade by the state of Oklahoma. Most of those schools are in my legislative ...

Museum honors Black stalwarts, raises $25,000

More than 200 people attended the Coral Gables Museum's 'An Evening on the Plaza,’ its annual fundraising event, and Community Achievement Awards honoring four local outstanding leaders.

NFL explains details of Adrian Peterson suspension in letter

The NFL announced Tuesday morning that Adrian Peterson would be suspended without pay for the remainder of the 2014 season.

Rodney King then and now

It was evening on March 3, 1991. Construction worker Rodney King stopped to have a few drinks. Later, when driving home, a Los Angeles Police Department patrol car makes an attempt to pull him over. King sped away. Reports show ...

Caleb Center closes to community

The Joseph Caleb Center will officially close its doors Friday, Nov. 14 for construction projects that will begin next month. Residents in the community will have to find other county buildings to pay bills, parking tickets and certify marriages because ...

Change is coming to Liberty Square

Michael Liu has set his sights on Liberty Square Housing Project as a place to sweep out criminals. It's a daunting task for Liu, who aims to pull off a plan to transform the public housing project that has been ...

Fighting fires with his words

Charles Phillips' first day as one of Miami-Dade’s first Black firefighters still haunts him. In 1974, by his account, Phillips was among 12 Black firefighters out of a pool of 48 minorities who were hired after they survived difficult tests ...

Liberty City eco-friendly company focus is all green

Liberty City will soon be home to the potato fork. It's one of the ways Pandwe Gibson looks to tackle environmental issues while addressing poverty in the area. Gibson is founder and CEO of EcoTech Visions, the region’s first environmentally ...

The start of Soul Basel marked with art, historic icon

City Commissioner Keon Hardemon joined children for a groundbreaking ceremony Nov. 5. The event celebrated renovations to the Overtown landmark, Old Clyde Killen’s Pool Hall, with a mural to simultaneously kick-off Overtown Soul Basel.