Advanced weight-loss procedures

A variety of minimally invasive, advanced surgical weight-loss procedures are available today. After a medical evaluation, the surgeon will discuss which of the following surgical options may work for you, based on your health, needs and weight-loss goals.

North Shore Medical Center, Florida Medical Center donate hundreds of toys to Big Mama

North Shore Medical Center and Florida Medical Center Team Up to Donate Hundreds of Toys to “Big Mama” and the Team of Life Organization

Coping with stress and the holiday blues

Q. What are the “holiday blues?” A. The holiday season is in full swing: shopping, cooking, planning trips and cleaning in anticipation of visitors. Layering those activities on top of a daily workload and family responsibilities can be challenging. All ...

Holiday stress vs. addiction

The holiday season can be a stressful time for all women. Many can be bombarded by the all-consuming desire for holiday perfection. They have to buy the “perfect” gift or plan the “perfect” party. Then there is the need to ...

Diabetes and Physical Activity

Joan Smith has been a diabetic patient at the Jefferson Reaves, Sr. Health Center in Overtown for more than seven years. Through the center’s high risk diabetes management clinic, 62-year-old Smith recently began a physical activity program to help control ...

Nutrition and Diabetes

Traditional diabetic diet plans involving counting calories and grams of sugar can be restrictive. They often fail to address your personal preferences and medical condition. Whether your goal is to normalize your lab work results, stop or reduce the amount ...

Diabetes and Women — what you should know

Over the past few decades in the United States, there has been a growing prevalence of obesity throughout our society. Those who are overweight are more likely to be predisposed to diabetes – a chronic disease that is often referred ...

North Shore opens new Comprehensive Breast Institute

In an effort to enhance its services to the community, North Shore Medical Center proudly announces the opening of the all new Comprehensive Breast Institute at North Shore Medical Center.

North Shore Medical Center welcomes Shana Crittenden as new COO

North Shore Medical Center is proud to announce the appointment of Shana S. Crittenden, as the hospital’s new chief operating officer.

Obama: Progress made on disability claims backlog

President Barack Obama assured disabled veterans Saturday that his administration is making progress on reducing a backlog of disability claims and said the number of requests for assistance has fallen by nearly one-fifth since peaking at more than 600,000 just ...

Gainesville vet provides holistic pet health care

Acupuncture isn't just for humans anymore. A clinic in Gainesville is providing holistic health care for animals.

Rape case stems from NY hotline call

A social worker at a Westchester County mental health center has been accused a raping a client in the first criminal case stemming from a new state hotline meant to protect disabled New Yorkers.

Healthy eating: A great start towards a healthier life

If the old adage, “you are what you eat,” has any truth to it, then people of color, particularly Blacks, may be guilty of eating their way into obesity, diabetes and other avoidable health problems simply because of their diets.

Brain-eating amoeba affects boy in Glades County

Family members told media outlets that Zachary Reyna contracted Naegleria fowleri _ an amoeba that causes deadly brain infections _ while knee boarding with some friends in a ditch near his house in LaBelle on Aug. 3.

Teen pregnancy prevention: Issues and answers

The statistics are very alarming. One in every four teenagers is infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Miami is no.1 in the nation of new HIV cases and Broward county is no. 2. Florida’s rates of adolescent sexual activity are ...