The truth about why I’m endorsing Dunn

I ran for City Commissioner for District 5 because I wanted to give the community a choice — a candidate who believes in and loves this community and who is one of its few life-long residents. I was willing to ...

Blaming victims not the way to solve Miami Gardens’ crime problem

Referring to Miami Gardens as South Florida’s new “murder capital” in last week’s edition was not just a ploy to spark readership nor was it was done in the spirit of sensationalism.

Lemon City is much more than just a name

There has been an ongoing battle over the historic area of Lemon City and whether its name should be changed to reflect a much different community than when it was established over a century ago. As the name change argument ...

Miami Gardens leaders to face hard facts

Miami-Dade County is no different from any other urban city in this country when it comes to gun violence plaguing the streets of our communities. No city or community in this country goes unscathed by the escalating incidents of gun ...

Prisons: The way to lock up more Blacks

Incarceration is big business in Florida and after closing several prisons in 2012, the Department of Corrections wants some of them re-opened. Blacks make up 17 percent of the population in Florida, but they make up 50 percent of the ...

The Miami Times political recommendations

Certainly $830M is a lot of money but that’s what would pay for the proposed list of line items that Jackson Health System says it needs to bring its facilities up-to-date, including the modernization of its emergency rooms, the expansion ...

Paucity of choices indicate a better pool of candidates is needed

As we consider who will get our vote next Tuesday, several races whose outcome will have a long standing impact on both the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County confirm something that many of us have only whispered about

Will Tea Party lead GOP over the cliff?

Tea Party adherents have extreme views that help them win Republican primaries when the most conservative and ideological Republicans vote. However, in general elections when liberals,

Rick Scott creating a Common Core mess

It’s election time for Governor Rick Scott, and he is promoting himself as Florida’s education governor. Scott spokesman Lane Wright said

Scott moves Florida into a Jim Crow status

Leading up to the election of 2014, Governor Rick Scott will continue to run Florida as a Jim Crow state. In 2012, ex-President Clinton said, “There has never been in my lifetime, since we got rid of the poll tax ...

Setting record straight about Overtown’s churches

In response to your article, “Heads clash on proposed $2.5M community fund,” I would suggest your headline is a bit misleading. Your article clearly reports that the stakeholders you highlighted are not opposed to the community foundation, but are merely ...

Ignorance about breast cancer often equates to death

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among Black women in the U.S. It is also the second-leading cause of cancer death among Black women, exceeded only by lung cancer. In fact, a look at recent statistics reveals ...

Scott’s voter purge has all the trappings of racism

Florida Governor Rick Scott is at it again — bound and determined to save us from those hordes of “ineligible voters” that continue to break down the doors at every voting precinct. You know the kind

Spreading Larceny

Local attorney Roderick Vereen was on Chief Jimmy Brown’s HOT 105 radio talk show last Sunday night, providing an interesting update on the on-again, off-again fight lodged by Tyrone Greene

Rubio shows his true colors — and they aren’t pretty

At one time U.S. Senator Marco Rubio was being touted as a vice-presidential shoo-in, with his dazzling good looks and clean cut appearance. In fact, Rubio became a darling of the media as well as Republicans, particularly those from the ...