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Most new teachers sent to struggling Black schools

Report calls for distribution changes

Miami-Dade County Public schools has done a poor job of distributing veteran teachers equally among its districts, according to a report released last Wednesday by a research organization called the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCQT). The report, titled “Unequal Access, Unequal Results” detailed the findings of a study requested by the local Urban League chapter. The findings were dismal for areas stricken with poverty and heavily populated by Blacks. NCQT reported that 70 percent of the 60 county schools to earn a D or F letter grade for the 2012 academic year were located in Opa-locka, Miami Gardens,

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Northwestern High receives $5,000 grant for teachers

Recently, Miami Northwestern Senior High School [MNSH] was the recipient of a generous offer from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization [AFL-CIO].

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Is Teach for America helping or hurting our Black schools?

Ingram: “It’s more like an itinerant workforce”

In an educational environment where teachers are often compelled to prepare students for standardized tests rather than employing more creative ways to teach the basic skills, the task of a classroom instructor has become more stressful and difficult. Here in Florida, even things like promotions, raises and continued employment are often linked to how well students do on the FCAT and now on the Common Core exams.