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Hamilton is the way to go

There are two weeks left in the race for the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and there is only one candidate that has 40 years of experience in agriculture and the environment. He has worked on the national, state, local and international level. There is also only one candidate running for office who will restore ethics in Florida government and bring together “people, agriculture and the environment.” The only candidate for the job is Democrat, Lt. Col. Thaddeus “Thad” Hamilton, U.S. Army Ret.

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Gov. Scott’s plan for Black businesses

Since Governor Scott has taken office in 2010, the state unemployment numbers have dropped from 11.1 to 6.7 percent and there have been 440,000 private sector jobs created. Based on our governor’s numbers the good times are here again in Florida.

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Scott tries to fix a non-existent problem

The State of Florida has a terrible record and reputation when it comes to voting. In the election of 2012, it took the Supervisors of Elections and the Secretary of the State three days to complete counting the ballots. It was extremely embarrassing to the state on a national and local level and an example of a dysfunctional system with no leadership.

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Scott booed — all Floridians not fooled

Governor Rick Scott is determined to win another term because he can continue to fudge numbers and tell everyone that the Florida economy is improving as a result of his policies. He refuses to acknowledge that the entire economy in the country is improving, because of President Obama’s policies. The stock market is breaking records and no one gives the president any accolades and kudos.

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Poor are pawns in Scott’s healthcare war

There are times when Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature make decisions because they have a grudge against President Obama and the federal government. Their goal is to make sure that the president fails, and they don’t care who in the state they hurt.

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Prisons: The way to lock up more Blacks

Incarceration is big business in Florida and after closing several prisons in 2012, the Department of Corrections wants some of them re-opened. Blacks make up 17 percent of the population in Florida, but they make up 50 percent of the prison population. Based on the projection for next year, it is expected that the prison population will increase by 3 percent. It is my belief that these prisons are being re-opened to accommodate more Black and Hispanic prisoners.

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Rick Scott creating a Common Core mess

It’s election time for Governor Rick Scott, and he is promoting himself as Florida’s education governor. Scott spokesman Lane Wright said

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Scott moves Florida into a Jim Crow status

Leading up to the election of 2014, Governor Rick Scott will continue to run Florida as a Jim Crow state. In 2012, ex-President Clinton said, “There has never been in my lifetime, since we got rid of the poll tax and all the Jim Crow burdens on voting, the determined effort to limit the franchise that we see today.” Clinton was referring to the Republican governors and legislators who are “disciplined, passionate, and determined to keep young people, minorities and progressives from voting in 2014.”