Dr. Mae Christian, Liberty City resident

Dr. Mae Christian, Liberty City resident

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Liberty City: Residents feel area “forsaken” and forgotten”

Funds designated for the district not spent to enhance the community

Since the beginning of August, residents in the Liberty City area have called The Times voicing their concerns about shabby appearance of many of the homes, public and private buildings, parks and businesses within their boundaries. [The area called Liberty City territorially begins at approximately 40th street on the south side to 79th street on the north and from 6th avenue  on the east to up to 19th avenue on the west.  Many Miami-Dade County citizens refer to any area between 40th street on the south, 79th street on the north, 7th avenue on the east to 27th on the west as Liberty City-but it isn’t.] “I believe that something is going on that does not have our [residents of Liberty City] best interest at heart,” Fred Philpot said. “When the Public Works Department is called to come out to our area to make repairs, it takes days and weeks for them to show up. It’s not that way in Coral Gables, Aventura, Brickell and other affluent communities in the County. Are the powers-that-be  trying to let this area totally fall to the gutter so that they  and/or their friends can purchase the properties for pennies on the dollar?”