Arthur Lee Hall, Jr.

A native of Miami, Arthur Lee Hall, Jr. was convicted and given an extensive sentence to a Florida prison. He writes from bars to inspire others.

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Free your mind and the ‘rest’ will follow

With not one, but two enclosing barbwire gates, gun towers, guards armed with an assortment of heavy artillery, an array of handcuffs and shackles, concrete and steel buildings and a plethora of state of the art cameras positioned everywhere

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“Be happy for as long as you can”

The willingness to be happy in spite of, and not because of our circumstances is not as widely put into practice as allowing happiness in the face of adversity to become just an abstract notion, a mere concept that we would rather scoff at, and thus, never experience in our personal lives.

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Prison rap

If you are one of those kind of people who were lucky enough to build healthy relationships with other people in the past, then you’re probably familiar with the good feeling of crossing paths with old friends again after years and years have gone by. Some of those happy long-time-no-see moments have probably even served as valuable lessons in life.

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