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'Fatal Assistance' sheds light on Haiti’s slow relief efforts

In one scene, a motley crew of Haitians, frustrated by the slow effort of the humanitarian community's rebuilding efforts, remove sediment with their bare hands, digging out mounds of debris from pot holes. The next clip shows a woman driving a trailer to pick up slabs of concrete and building remains. This scene is just one of many in director Raoul Peck's vexing documentary, Fatal Assistance, that depicts the complexity of rebuilding Haiti. It focuses on the international community's snail pace toil to disperse development aid at the malaise of Haitians.

Separate but equal? FAMU-FSU engineering program to split

School divided on new amendment

The chairman of the Board of Trustees for Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) sent a stern letter expressing his opposition to an amendment that would create a second college of engineering at Florida State University (FSU). The the amendment to the budget has become a popular topic of conversation among the Black community, shedding light on the racial inequality between historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU) such as FAMU and their state counterparts.

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Leon County invests in education

Sells facility and prime real estate land to FAMU

Leon County, the region that boasts the highest level of education average among Florida's 67 counties, is re-investing into academia. Last week Leon Country Research and Development Authority (LCRDA), chaired by Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier, signed an agreement that names Florida A&M University (FAMU) as the new owner of the Centennial Building, a research facility, and 26.8 gross acres of developed and undeveloped land at Innovation Park.

TV One's series features Cooley High

Unsung Hollywood sheds light on residents of Chicago's Cabrini-Green Homes project

Quarter parties that lead to fights and leave your mother's prized china cabinet in ruins. Gambling friends, smooth talkers and teachers who cared. Slow dancing and kissing in the dark. They are memorable scenes from the classic film, Cooley High, directed by Michael Schultz. One network wants to take you down memory lane.

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'Hey that's my seat! Get your own!'

Lyric adds donors to its history

When spectators enter the historic halls of the Lyric Theater on Friday, they may take a second look at their ticket after noticing a name on their seat. It's all part of the Take a Seat sponsorship program, an ongoing capital campaign to raise funds for the historic venue located at 819 Northwest Second Avenue. Philanthropists get to see their names immortalized in stone, through the “Take Your Seat(s)!” campaign, a fundraiser that doubles as a communal memory space.

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From riches to rags

Brownsville’s historic Georgette’s Tea House crumbling

The once elegant rooms are now decorated with pigeon droppings. Termites infest the closets that held designer coats and shoes of the rich and famous. The kitchen, once a hub for sophisticated dinner parties is rotting away from a leaky roof. The porch, where legendary singer Billie Holiday once stood, is now the makeshift bed of a homeless person.

A scandalous affair comes to Miami

Author Judy Smith talks Shonda Rhimes, career and more

Acclaimed author and crisis management expert Judy Smith, who is best known for being co-executive producer and the inspiration behind the popular ABC television series Scandal, was in town for an annual book and author luncheon, on March 29th.

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Haitian director accuses U.S. government of corruption

Filmmaker Raoul Peck discussed the politics of representation through visual media. In an intimate gathering of 25 students and faculty members at Florida International University (FIU), Peck sat at a news desk, in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) answering questions from students about his documentary, Fatal Assistance, on March 21st.

Little Red stands up to peer pressure

Local authors write book based on growing up in Opa-locka

A metropolitan spin on the classic childhood tale "Little Red Riding Hood," "Little Red in the Hood" takes readers on a journey in the city of Southhood with Little Red, an adorable, mahogany-colored little girl who has two massive Afro puffs and large, brown almond-shaped eyes who effortlessly dodges peer pressure from neighborhood teens on her way to dance practice. Her actual name is Rene, but her love for the color red, seen in the red bows that adorn her head, ushered in a name change. Written by Myron L. and Kristina R. Johnson, the book was inspired by their childhood in Opa-locka in Miami-Dade County were they faced similar challenges like Little Red. "Little Red" primes children on how to overcome peer pressure while expressing God's love to everyone.

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Residents demand transparency before voting deadline

Miami Gardens shares details on $60 million bond

“Speak the truth, and shame the Devil,” goes the popular Christian saying, and the policy makers of the City of Miami Gardens are following cue, telling residents, both Black and white, as much as they can when it comes to their proposed general obligation bond for large scale renovations to the City, on March 20th.

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