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Hospitals treatment could make you sicker

Ebola not as deadly as infections by comparison

It’s no surprise that most people go to the hospital for treatment, but a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that hospitals across the nation are breeding infections that put patients’ health at risk. Before entering a hospital, consider this new statistic: for every 25 patients one contracts an infection during treatment. These infections, called health care-associated or hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), kill about 75,000 people every year, according to the most recent reports. But those are national statistics.

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Mayoral election may spell change

Three Black female candidates express their platforms, agendas

Voters in the City of Opa-locka have three options for mayor in the upcoming Nov. 4 elections and the candidates share at least two qualities: they are Black women. It’s the first time this has happened in recent history, according to longtime city employees. The three women couldn’t be any more different in their stances on major issues like term limits and immediate priorities following elections. Mayoral candidates include incumbent Myra Taylor, former Opa-locka commissioner Rose Tydus, and current commissioner Dorothy Johnson. They join the ballot with four other candidates for the city commission board: Timothy Holmes, Deborah Sheffield Irby, Andre Faustin and Terence Pinder.

County college fair opens door to education and jobs

On-spot admissions and fee waivers

Universities will accept high school students on the spot at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition Center tomorrow, Oct. 30 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Applications fees will be waived and scholarships given to accepted students at the fair, at 10901 Coral Way, Miami. In addition to providing education about college admissions and scholarships, the Fourth Annual College and Career Expo has awarded more than $3 million in scholarships in the last three years.

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Workshop wraps up Anti-Bullying Awareness Month

Focus problem solving for teens

Imagine the torment of a young child bullied in a place where he should've felt safe. For Jonathan Spikes, host of an event called Affirming YOUth, this was reality. “I grew up in a home where I was called stupid and ugly and told I couldn't do anything. I struggled with that," he said. "I personally knew I wasn’t happy but I didn’t know how to fix it. I was angry and bitter and didn’t want to be that way."

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Big bus brings tourism to Overtown

Visitors to see ‘real’ Miami on new tour

Step aside, South Beach! Overtown is the next tourist destination to “hop on” into the international spotlight. It’s now in the running to benefit from tourists’ dollars after a major bus route was introduced through the area. Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) teamed up with Big Bus Tours Miami on Oct. 16 to announce the tour, called the “Uptown” route, through the heart of Overtown, Wynwood, Midtown, the Design District and Historic Downtown Miami. The Uptown route represents the first time since Big Bus came to Miami in 2011 that it has expanded its reach beyond the City and South Beach loops.

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Accuser reneges on sex assault claim; details Harris to play again

Details show the two holding hands hours before the alleged 'incident'

Former Booker T. Washington athlete Treon Harris is back on his college football team and set to play this Saturday at home.

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A message in the sky: Breast cancer survivor gains new purpose

Patricia Johnson shares journey in fight for a cure

A seasoned flight attendant, Patricia Johnson was rocked by the turbulence of a breast cancer diagnosis that later turned her into a flying foot soldier who took her message 30,000 feet into the air.

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Major redevelopment setback for SEOPW

A local redevelopment agency is trying to get disengaged residents on board with plans to renovate and beautify their dilapidated homes. Southeast Overtown Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (SEOPW CRA) Director Clarence Woods said he is practically begging half of Town Park Plaza North to sign documents so that the $15 million repairs to their 169 units can begin. CRA needs to receive completed financial disclosures; approval to relocate residents while the repairs take place; and a formal applications for all the units before phase one of the revamp can begin.

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Road to renovation marked by mixed responses in Overtown

Town Park Plaza North condos to receive $15 million, some tenants unmoved

A slumped Overtown condominium building will undergo renovations next year thanks to a $15 million grant from the Southeast Overtown and Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (SEOPW CRA). The funds for the renovations to Town Park Plaza North were approved in by the SEOPW CRA board in a meeting Sept. 30. The construction of Town Park Plaza North is expected to roll out in three phases, starting early 2015.

Worldcenter agreement passes despite proposed job cuts

Commissioner Hardemon will keep a careful eye on project developers

It was about noon when someone gave Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon a memo: Miami Worldcenter Group LLC had revised the jobs component of the development agreement -- and it was not for the better. In a last-minute maneuver, Worldcenter tried to cut the number of Miami-Dade County hires from 30 percent to 10 percent. The request surprised Hardemon, who said Worldcenter also cut small businesses participation in half from a previous 10 percent to 5 percent.

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