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Obama keeps his cool in face of GOP circus

In 2011, President Barack Obama told the American people he would not let “congressional gridlock slowdown our economic growth.” On October 24, 2011, in his ‘We Can’t Wait’ initiative, President Obama said, ‘Without a doubt, the most urgent challenge that we face right now is getting our economy to grow faster and to create more jobs . . . we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job. Where they won’t, I will.’

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Who is Angela Corey really fighting for?

Does Angela Corey, State Attorney of Florida’s 4th  Judicial Circuit Court, seek justice for both the crime victim and the defendant accused of the alleged crime? NO! I believe she doesn’t. If Justice means, “protecting rights and punishing wrongs, using fairness”, then Corey is way off the mark with the cases involving Marissa Alexander, Michael Dunn, Christian Fernandez, and Ronald Thompson.

Is it just me or did justice take a day off?

Because justice took a day off on Saturday, February 15, 2014, Lucia Mc Bath and Ron Davis could not celebrate the 19th birthday of their murdered son Jordan Davis on February 16, 2014. It seems unbelievable that yet again a jury cannot justify the murder conviction of a white man who shoots dead an unarmed Black teenage boy.  In this case, Jordan, a young Black teenager, who was playing his music “too loud,” in a car with his friends was sentenced to death by Michael Dunn, a 47-year-old white man at a gas station parking lot in Jacksonville Florida, in November 2012.

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