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Greeks, Alsina stomp the FMU yard

There was love in the air at Florida Memorial University, Feb 13. It was a fitting prelude to Valentine's Day. Students and alumni patiently waited and watched performances during Greek Day of Homecoming, though the weather was a lot colder than normal.  

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Gospel recording encourages all to live without fear

Singer Jonathan Nelson and other Gospel greats worshipped God together

Gospel Artist Jonathan Nelson recorded an album live in front of thousands of worshipers at The Faith Center in Sunrise Friday night. "I'm fearless. Yes, I am brave," chimed about 3,000 people who sang along with Nelson. Nelson's recording of his new album "Fearless" stirred attendees and several Gospel greats to worship God. "I want the title to speak for itself," Nelson said. "I want [listeners] to walk away inspired, encouraged, and I want to ignite something in them to really go after their goals, their dreams, and their passion. I'm hoping all of that was ignited after [the recording]."

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Young people worship through Christian hip-hop

Alternative to violent and profane music

"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" the audience screamed in between songs. They waved their hands, worshipping and praising God. But they were not at a church service. They were at a Christian Hip Hop concert. On Thursday night, Trip Lee, a nationally known Christian hip-hop artist kicked off his Rise Tour at Central Church Miami, sponsored by Fuzion Promotions. Lee's label mate, rapper KB, was the opening act. Christian hip-hop has not only grown nationally, with big-named Christian

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Teen pregnancy prevention: Issues and answers

OIC of South FL will host community conference at Signature Grand

The statistics are very alarming. One in every four teenagers is infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Miami is no.1 in the nation of new HIV cases and Broward county is no. 2. Florida’s rates of adolescent sexual activity are higher than comparable national rates for high school students.

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Karate lessons give needed confidence

Classes help to bring self-discipline and behavioral changes to all students

More than 30 youth, ages four years old and up, attentively listened and responded as their sensei gave orders on last Monday night at their karate class at Athalie Range Park. Dressed in a black karate uniform, known to them as a “gi,” all of the students warmed up cohesively. The group was positioned by levels: the more experienced students, who wore blue and yellow belts, stood in the front and the beginning students, who wore white belts, stood in the back.

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Back-to-school event for Liberty City youth

Black law officers, safety officials among sponsors

One thousand book bags and other school supplies will be given to Liberty City’s youth at a back to school give away on Aug. 15 between 10a.m.-2p.m. — sponsored by The Progressive Firefighters Association Charities Inc.,

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Revival celebrates the freedom of living Christ-like in our daily lives

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, according to 2 Corinthians 3:17. This was the theme of the “Free in Him” revival and gospel concert, which was held by Allen Chapel AME Church on July 10-12. The event, which was held, not that long after the 4th, acknowledged that Christians have a different kind of freedom, according to Rev. Vensen Ambeau, pastor of Allen Chapel.

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Pastor found God while serving time

Church where community, worship and mission exist

While being confined in a Los Angeles County jail cell, more than 20 years ago, amongst other prisoners who plotted on stripping their neighbors of belongings, money or dignity,   Jack Hakimian looked up to the celling and cried out to God. “God, if you're real. Jesus, if you’re real…Please help me,” he shared his testimony on a Christian Broadcasting Network television show.

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Bookbag give-away benefits youth

Children facing homelessness When children go back to school each year, some families have to make a choice between buying food for their homes or backpacks and school supplies for their receive gifts

When children go back to school each year, some families have to make a choice between buying food for their homes or backpacks and school supplies for their children. The backpack giveaway at Dr. Barbara Carey Shuler Manor Apartments — a Carrfour Supportive Housing development that provides affordable housing for residents who were formerly homeless or facing homelessness — will assist some families who are in need on August 10 at 9a.m.-1p.m. At the event, 40-50 bookbags will be given to the complex’s residents.

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God is the healer who uses me with His unction

Pastor believes he is a servant of God

“She’s dead,” church members screamed. Everybody in the church was in a panic as they turned to their pastor. “Pick up the body,” Apostle Willie J. Jones of God’s Calling Gospel Holiness Church, Inc., said. One of the ministers picked up the body of the elderly woman and her body fluid started to fall on him. “In the name of Jesus, live,” Jones said. Nothing happened. After asking those who didn’t believe to go to the kitchen, [no one moved]. Jones tried again. “Everybody from the smallest to the greatest, start praising God,” he commanded. “All of a sudden after the people started praising God, life came back in her,” Minister Zachery Peacock, said. “I’ve never witnessed anything like that in my life.” The woman lived four to five more years after that experience. Throughout the Bible and presently, believers have called God many names in attempts to describe him, God’s Calling Gospel Holiness and Apostle Jones knows God to be a healer and miracle worker.

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