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Medical marijuana: Stirring the pot

Everyone knows someone who experiences debilitating pain or suffers as the disease ravages their body. That you cannot relieve their condition brings a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Doctors have an arsenal of highly addictive drugs that they dispense for pain, some with severe side effects. Pill bottles are marked with labels telling people to be cautious when using these drugs.

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Black churches fighting more than just crime

In the past several months there have been rallies and marches against crime throughout Liberty City, a community that has seen numerous incidences of gun violence. Many lives have been cut short, leaving parents to face the loss of a child or children to lose a parent. Black churches are an integral part of the community and have always served as meeting places for rallies as warriors in the

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Integrity needed at North Miami City Hall

When she ran for mayor of North Miami in the city’s election last year, Lucille Tondreau’s campaign slogan was “I Love Lucie”. It was a catchy phrase that caught on to voters who elected her as the city’s first Haitian-American female mayor. It’s too bad her term was rocked by scandal last month after she was suspended from office for allegedly running an $8 million mortgage scheme.

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Goodbye Miami Edison Middle School

The transformation of Edison Middle School into a technical school in the fall will be the start of an initiative to help students in low-income areas excel in science, mathematics and technology. After years of struggling with mediocre and low grades on the state’s accountability tests, educators hope iTech Thomas A. Edison School’s curriculum will usher in a new era of academic achievement.

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Now we know why Maya Angelou sings

Amidst the physical prowess of today’s star athletes and glamour of Black entertainers, Maya Angelou was a unique celebrity who lived in the limelight as America’s poet laureate. From presidential inaugurations to commencement addresses, Angelou graced this nation with her intellectual prose and insight on the human condition. As America plans to return this humanitarian back to her ancestors, one wonders, who will be the next poet laureate to inspire others to think beyond themselves and the physical.

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Booker T. Washington ahead of the class

Booker T. Washington in Overtown has been the Florida’s Class 4A Football Champions for the past two years. It has been a triumphant year of parades and celebrations for the Tornadoes, the alma mater of many of the Black community’s most prominent professionals and businessmen.

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A salute to the best and brightest

Miami Carol City and American Senior High Schools kicked off the graduation season for many of Miami-Dade’s graduates. In separate ceremonies, seniors proudly hurled their caps at the Bank United Center on the University of Miami campus Tuesday. Other schools will hold festive sendoffs for seniors in the coming days to the delight and pride of many parents, teachers and friends. With top

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Help return Nigerian girls back to their parents

Activists held demonstrations all over the U.S. and the world to express their outrage over the kidnapping of some 276 girls in Nigeria who are still being held hostage by the Boko Haram, a radical group of Islamic extremists. The teenage girls were snatched from their boarding school during a violent raid in the small town of Chibok.

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Time for change at Civilian Investigative Panel

It’s a reality you will find in many of America’s organizations: hardworking individuals clashing with one another over decisions that would best serve the interest of their organization. In one corner are hard-driving leaders who are responsible for making tough decisions. On the other side are dedicated workers who can sometimes challenge the upper echelon of organizations with or without good intentions.

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Donald Sterling fouls out over racist comments

Basketball fans in Miami and across the nation are going wild this week but not because LeBron James and the Heat swept the Charlotte Bobcats in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Emotions are running high over a flagrant foul committed by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who ignited a firestorm after an audio tape

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