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Curbing youth violence is mission critical

It was heart wrenching to hear on local TV that there isn’t any leadership in the Black community when it comes to address the rising and disturbing violence — especially among young people. Drawn to the fore by the death of a fourth student at Northwestern Senior High School in recent months, the violence has been spiraling all year, some incidents culminating in death, others in serious injuries. Of the four youth at Northwestern who were killed, there has been one arrest.

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Students suffer in silence no more

Black students all over the nation at more than 20 universities have stepped out of the shadows to speak about blatant racism that they face every day. Some may wonder why so many students now are raising concerns about how they are treated on campuses across America. The students feel empowered after seeing how the students at the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus pushed back against racist elements who tried to thwart them by ignoring them. Their push didn’t come without consequences. More racist statements and threats on the lives of Black students were issued after the forced resignation of the president and the chancellor of the university. Professors caught in the crosshairs resigned amid missteps. Then Ithaca College and Yale University students spoke out about racial tensions on their campuses. Soon, student voices everywhere were saying no to racism, segregation and divisions.

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County, move forward with Liberty Square

No one should have to live with anxiety every day as what their home will look like, when will they have to move and where they will be going unless they impose the situation on themselves. But when the anxiety is brought on because of county officials, it is egregious and insensitive. It has been almost a year since Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced his grand redevelopment plan he dubbed Liberty Square Rising. The plan is to build public housing units at Lincoln Gardens in Brownsville, level the current homes at Liberty Square a section at a time, move residents to Lincoln Gardens while their homes are rebuilt at Liberty Square and then move them back after their homes are developed.

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Black Lives Matter movement, conduct yourselves decently

Last Friday, at Clark Atlanta University, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attempted to deliver a speech as part of the kickoff of her Hillary for African Americans campaign. For more than 12 minutes, protestors with AUCShutItDown, an Atlanta-based group affiliated with Black Lives Matter, chanted while Clinton tried to deliver her speech. This was not the first time that the Black Lives Matter movement would faceoff with Clinton. Back in August she met with the group, who demanded that she develop a plan to address the numerous inequalities against Blacks in America. And this was not the first time that the Black Lives Matter group interrupted a Democratic nominee candidate’s speech. Activist Marissa Johnson on Aug. 8 shut down a Bernie Sanders event in Seattle. That confrontation happened just weeks after the movement interrupted Sanders at a Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix. Since both incidents, Sanders and representatives of the movement have met.

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Corey Jones’ death deserves Department of Justice attention

Corey Jones was shot and killed by a police officer as he awaited a tow truck for his broken down car in Palm Beach Gardens. Some media accounts have focused on the fact that Jones was arrested in 2007 for having concealed weapons in Miami-Dade County in 2007. In that incident, according to WPLG-Channel 10, Jones pleaded and entered a Deferred Prosecution program in lieu of prosecution. However, there is nothing to indicate that Jones was a troublemaker. It’s clear that he expected to get home the night he was fatally shot. The latest revelation that he used his Riviera Beach-issued phone to call for roadside assistance and Florida Highway Patrol at least four times that fateful night, shows he was not out to make trouble.

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Open Carry laws are a really bad idea

A law to liberate the way how the 1.4 million people in Florida who have a concealed weapons license carry their firearms cleared the Senate Criminal Justice committee, 3 to 2. At the same time a law to allow guns on colleges and universities have cleared the Senate. Both laws, one called Campus Carry and the other, Open Carry, will allow South Floridians to openly carry guns for which they have permits. The gun lobby has plenty of ammunition in support of this open carry legislation since Florida is one of only five states that ban open carry guns in public places. Most recently, Texas passed a licensed open carry bill this past June, which goes into effect in January. Florida is not what is considered an open carry state. Hunters, target shooters and campers are allowed by Florida law to carry weapons when going to or from these types of activities.

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Fins invigorated with new leadership

It looks like all the Miami Dolphins needed was some new leadership. After losing three games in a row this season, the Dolphins beat the Tennessee Titans 38-10 in Dan Campbell’s debut as interim coach on Sunday. Former head coach Joe Philbin was fired Oct. 5 as a result of the three-game loss. With only one win under his belt so far this season, the losing streak didn’t show Philbin in a good light as a leader. Add to that the fact that in three years as head coach, Philbin never did lead the Dolphins to the playoffs, let alone a national championship.

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Black lives should and do matter

The Democratic candidates debate on CNN last Tuesday showed the nation that Black lives really don’t matter. Don Lemon selected a question to ask the four presidential nominee candidates that has been debated for months, but has produced no real, definitive answer: “Do Black lives matter or do all lives matter?” It was the only time a pointed question was asked about race relations in the United States. It seems since the majority of Blacks vote for the Democratic Party, there should have been a broader discussion about race, criminal justice reform, high Black unemployment, incarceration disparities, the almost-civil war in Chicago and other urban neighborhoods and the shrinking of the fledgling Black middle class.

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Faith Calendar

Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church will hold a food and clothing distribution 4 p.m. every Wednesday. Call 786-541-3687. New Resurrection Community Church invites the community to the annual 2015 Arise Women’s Conference. It starts Wednesday, October 21, through Friday, October 23, at 7:30 p.m. and ends October 25 at 11 a.m. for the Sunday morning service. First Haitian Church of God hosts a food drive every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 7140 North Miami Ave. Call 786-362-1804. 59th Street Pentecostal Church of God will present an Outdoor Food and Fellowship Festival on October 24 at 12 p.m. The Hospitality Ministry invites you to its annual Breast Cancer Awareness Program on Oct. 25 at 4 p.m. at St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church in Coconut Grove. Call 305-775-5750.

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Good to move Revolt to Overtown

So many big events come to the Greater Miami area and they end up on Miami Beach or Brickell Avenue. Revolt Music Conference was one of them. Its first year, the majority of the events happened on the beach. This year, its second in Miami, Revolt is holding a film festival in what the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau calls one of Miami’s Heritage neighborhoods, Overtown. Too often, the cameras come to town and they roll and send out images of Miami that gives an almost one-dimensional look: palm trees, flat abs and tiny bikinis – though nothing is wrong with that.

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