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Finally, some good news for Overtown

Last week Big Bus Tours Miami expanded its routes to pass through the city’s urban core. The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau sent the bus off on Oct. 16. The tour passed through historic Overtown, Wynwood, Midtown, the Design District and downtown Miami. What a wonderful way for visitors to see and appreciate our city.

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Breast cancer month a success

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a tremendous success. The rallies, pink ribbons, balloons and decorations brought a refreshing effort to generate awareness in Miami’s Black communities. The media should be congratulated for highlighting the importance of this killer disease. And the marathon walks and special events galvanized Breast cancer survivors to rally around patients in desperate need of support. In the Black community, the attention was highly needed and much

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Bright futures needed

On Nov. 5, Florida’s Board of Governors will hear the concerns of many Black and Hispanic parents, whose children no longer qualify for the state’s Bright Futures college scholarship. That’s because the 7-year-old program that has awarded some $4.3 billion to deserving students raised its academic standards as part of an effort to meet its budget. The fact that two-thirds of Black students do not qualify under the new rules should be alarming, especially for a program that has given so many poor, college-bound seniors new hope of achieving the American dream.

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Ebola hits home

Ebola is here. Nina Pham is the first person in America to contract Ebola outside of the African continent. The Dallas nurse contracted the deadly virus while treating Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week after entering the United States from West Africa. There is no need to panic but Ebola is real and medicine is scarce. The World Health Organization (WHO) said the death rate for Ebola is 70 percent, not 50 percent as previously reported. So that means for every 10 persons infected, seven will die.

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Hold developers accountable in Overtown

Overtown is getting a wave of attention again from developers and Miami city officials. Within the last week Worldcenter got the go-ahead it needed to start its behemoth $2 billion project. The Southeast Overtown Park West Community Redevelopment Agency (SEOPW CRA) has received funding that will allow six projects to get off the ground soon. All this sounds familiar.

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Job well done, Eric Holder

Eric Holder, America’s first Black Attorney General, resigned last week. For six years, America had someone who revived and could affect civil rights issues. As America’s lawyer he held accountable those who trampled on the rights of those who couldn’t defend themselves.

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Save our young generation

Another mass shooting in Liberty City, this time at a party held at The Spot where children as young as 12 years old experienced one of the most frightening moments of their lives. The shooting is one of many that have rocked this community. It was also a disturbing scene where young people have taken justice into their own hands by firing bullets into the crowd. While details have emerged about The Spot, the focus should turn toward the parents, who allowed their children to go to such a seedy and

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Medical marijuana: Stirring the pot

Everyone knows someone who experiences debilitating pain or suffers as the disease ravages their body. That you cannot relieve their condition brings a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Doctors have an arsenal of highly addictive drugs that they dispense for pain, some with severe side effects. Pill bottles are marked with labels telling people to be cautious when using these drugs.

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Black churches fighting more than just crime

In the past several months there have been rallies and marches against crime throughout Liberty City, a community that has seen numerous incidences of gun violence. Many lives have been cut short, leaving parents to face the loss of a child or children to lose a parent. Black churches are an integral part of the community and have always served as meeting places for rallies as warriors in the

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Integrity needed at North Miami City Hall

When she ran for mayor of North Miami in the city’s election last year, Lucille Tondreau’s campaign slogan was “I Love Lucie”. It was a catchy phrase that caught on to voters who elected her as the city’s first Haitian-American female mayor. It’s too bad her term was rocked by scandal last month after she was suspended from office for allegedly running an $8 million mortgage scheme.

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