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Prosecutor responsible for Ferguson unrest

Monday night, after months reviewing evidence and hearing from witnesses, the decision came on whether to charge white police officer Darren Wilson in connection with the shooting death of Michael Brown. The grand jury said no. Soon after, Ferguson erupted into a sea of flames, tear gas and despair. New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Tempe, Oakland and San Francisco marched in solidarity. People lay in streets in Seattle. In Miami, the silence about the plight of Brown’s family and the citizens of Ferguson was so loud, it could be heard over high-volume TV sets.

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Monestime rises on Miami-Dade commission

Monday was a special day for District 2 Commissioner Jean Monestime. By a unanimous vote, Monestime made history by becoming the first Haitian-American to serve as chairman of the Miami-Dade County Commission. The role caps a success story of a Haitian-American who has managed to avoid scandals and gain the respect of his constituents. Monestime was overwhelming elected during the Nov. 4 general election. After serving as a

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Beware of SkyRise tapping into our pockets

SkyRise last Thursday told minority and women business owners that it has $10 million worth of contracts available for them to participate in its project. That sounds like good news on the surface. But SkyRise’s project is estimated to cost about $400 million when all is said and done. Already the private project is asking to dip into our pockets. It wants $9 million from Miami-Dade county taxpayers. Who knows if SkyRise will ask for more? In this scenario, if SkyRise gives $10 million in contracts and asks for $9 million in county funding, it seems we net $1 million.

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Ferguson, a ticking time bomb

Michael Brown is dead. It’s been more than 100 days since Officer Darren Wilson killed him. Gov. Jay Nixon recently declared a state of emergency in Missouri. These are facts. When this paper hits the press, 103 days would have passed without an indictment for the death of Brown. And, yes, we’ve been counting. Things might change given an expected decision from the grand jury, but Gov. Nixon has issued this declaration of a state emergency in the event that it doesn’t.

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Liberty Square needs change now

There was a time when the Liberty Square housing project was the ideal community for aspiring Black professionals seeking to become part of America’s middle class. Prominent Blacks such as the late Miami Commissioner and Funeral Home owner Athalie Range once called Liberty Square home. Last Thursday, residents of this 77-year-old complex were promised a return to the old days at a town hall meeting. Miami-Dade’s new Housing and Urban Development Director Michael Liu’s vow to sweep out

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Sesame Street: 45 years of transcending race

The hit children’s show, “Sesame Street,” is a mainstay on public television today. But when it debut on public television some 45 years ago on Nov. 10, 1969, “Sesame Street” was groundbreaking. The cast was diverse group of puppets of all colors and people of different colors, too. And “Sesame Street” broke the mold of kids’ TV with extensive research before its commercially-inspired segments aired jingles about letters and numbers.

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Seventh Avenue: The county is watching you

When the county calls a predominantly Black area a “regional priority,” it gets in the paper. But our readers have to know how to read between the lines. Miami-Dade County is paying attention to Seventh Avenue and so should you. Instead of overlooking the area and its large Black population or disregarding it because of its crime rate, the county is lauding Seventh Avenue as a “strategic location.” Of course, Seventh Avenue is optimally located. It’s near Interstate 95 and within reasonable reach

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Calls for new downtown school smacks of de jure segregation

The undertone concerning talks for a new school for downtown is essentially racist and separatist. That Miami-Dade school board member Raquel Regalado didn’t recommend the many public schools — including Booker T. Washington Senior High School — to her constituents when they approached her about a school to serve their needs was dereliction of duty. If the affluent foreigners living in her district want special programs for their children then they should send them to private school.

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Faith Calendar

Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in South Miami will be having a Prayer Breakfast on Nov. 8 at 10:15 after service. Call 305-667-7791. New Way Fellowship Praise and Worship Church will have an evening of praise Sat. Nov. 15. Call 305-625-7246. Second Canaan MB Church invites you to attend their Pastor’s Care Brunch 10:30 a.m. Sat. Nov. 15. in the Fellowship Hall. Call 305-620-1276. New Day N Christ Deliverance Ministry invites the community to free Mind, Body, and Soul Enhancements; self-improvement class and Zumba Fitness. Call 305-691-0018.

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Breast cancer month a success

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a tremendous success. The rallies, pink ribbons, balloons and decorations brought a refreshing effort to generate awareness in Miami’s Black communities. The media should be congratulated for highlighting the importance of this killer disease. And the marathon walks and special events galvanized Breast cancer survivors to rally around patients in desperate need of support. In the Black community, the attention was highly needed and much

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