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Serena Williams is greatness

The amount of racism that Serena Williams has and continues to face is disgraceful. It is mind boggling when the mainstream media tries to put down maybe the greatest female athlete that we have ever seen. Instead of focusing on the sheer dominance of this great athlete, folks are discussing her appearance just as much as they are discussing her place in history. This leads me to ask, what is wrong with Serena’s appearance?

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Len Bias had much promise

The late Len Bias was the greatest basketball player that I ever saw. Yes, I saw young Michael Jordan at North Carolina and followed with the rest of America as we all wanted to be "Like Mike." Jordan, of course, went on to legendary status and to win multiple NBA championships. He is widely regarded as the greatest player of all time and became a cultural icon. However, I believe had he lived, Len Bias and not Michael Jordan would have been the greatest basketball player of all time. Bias was the total package on the court for Maryland. In his senior year, Bias averaged 23 points and seven rebounds per

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Cheating, ultimate betrayal

So it seems that the NFL finally nailed the New England Patriots. It was only four months ago that the Pats raised another Lombardi trophy and triumphantly gave all of the league’s other envious franchises a big middle finger. Well, this time the NFL dropped the hammer on the champs. The four-game suspension of iconic quarterback Tom Brady, the stripping of two New England draft picks and a $1 million fine by commissioner Roger Goodell finally showed the doubters that no, the Patriots do not get away with everything. Truth is you couldn’t blame anyone for raising an

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NFL draft picks have promise

The NFL draft is coming up fast and once again the prized pick is expected to be a franchise changing quarterback. This year two names stand out at the top of the heap and the truth is they may be exact opposites of each other. Famous Jameis Winston from Florida State is that flashy superstar, who loves the cameras and he loves him some him. Kind of like Deion Sanders playing quarterback with lots of drama and controversy following him everywhere. Do your homework GM's. The other kid, Marcus Mariota, is Mr Nice Guy. You would not mind if he dates your sister so mild and well mannered. Despite the fact that he has big time game, he is just an “aw shucks” type of guy off the field.

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Stanton boosts Marlins’ chances

The $325 million dollar man, known as Giancarlo Stanton, is ready to lead the Miami Marlins into the next phase in their pursuit of greatness. The Marlins’ super slugger has accomplished a lot in his young career. However, this offseason he did something that most South Florida baseball fans thought would never ever happen. He helped to convince the normally cheap owner, Jeffrey Loria, to put this baseball team in a position to compete for a championship.

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Heat fighting for their lives

The NBA playoffs are coming soon and with our Miami Heat fighting for their playoff lives, they are desperately trying to get in because as Kevin Garnett would say anything is possible. All of these top tier playoff teams have their own kryptonite. All of them even the   seemingly unbeatable at times  Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks. There are some teams that just have other team's numbers.

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Why Suh chose the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have signed Ndamkong Suh and South Florida is delirious with excitement. Deep pockets Ross has done it again. Our Ryan Lasner of www.thesportsbros.com has some pretty good ideas on why Suh chose Miami and why we should all be “happy” like Pharrell.

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Decision looms for Dolphins

I would love to tell you that I know exactly what the  Miami Dolphins will do with speedster Mike Wallace as a big decision looms ahead. The truth is I have no idea. None. Wallace has said no to the idea of  restructuring his contract. Changes are coming to the Fins that is certain. Last week the release of Brian Hartline surprised

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It's goin' down for real

The time has finally come around. Like the rapper Flo Rida has said, "It's Goin Down For Real." No more disputes about gloves, steroids and all of that crap. We have finally got a fight. The boxing god's have heard our cries for far too long. We actually began to wonder if rapper Dr Dre's often joked-

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Sports Brothers

I was having a conversation the other day after someone asked, is there still racism in America? This may sound like an absurd question, but it is still pops up these days.  Especially since we have the first Black president in American history. It's as if the election of Barack Obama was supposed to douse the flames of 300+ years of racism in America. Unfortunately it doesn't and won't work that easily. When it came time for me to answer that question, I had a very simple reply. 

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