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Are Miami Businesses Getting It Right Online?

Miami is the undisputed king of business in Florida. Whilst it’s a city famed more for its tourism, it still has a very strong local customer base. Like other business centers around America, it needs to come to terms with online marketing. It needs to understand more people are choosing to shop online for their products and services.

Burn Notice Nears its Finale after Ruling Over Miami Television

The television show is popular enough to continue such a long run on the television. However, after being appreciated so much, the dramatic exit of the Burn Notice is deemed a bit weird by the fans. According to the producers, Florida needs to develop it’s film subsidies to keep the industry alive and working.

Miami Real Estate: Overseas Homebuyers Driving up the Local Market

An ever favorite of the Canadians as well as the high networth individuals from South America, the real estate market of Florida is witnessing a surge in activities as far as its homebuying is concerned, especially in Miami.

University of Miami Beats University of Florida in Recent Rankings

The University of Miami ranked 47th on the ranking list after beating University of Florida by two positions. This is definitely another big win for the UM after the glorious 21-16 football triumph.

Top 5 Things to Do in Miami, Florida

Delicious and mouth watering dining, rich culture and exotic nightlife in Miami attract visitors from different parts of the world. It is considered to be an ideal place to spend the vacations. People prefer visiting this place because of many reasons. First and the foremost reason is that the city ...

Top Waterfront Travel Destinations in North America You Can Explore

People tend to have varying likings and taste as far as vacation destinations are concerned. While some people find mountainous regions most suited for spending a vacation, the alluring beaches and soft breeze are indispensable for vacation for others. If you belong to the second category and prefer vacation destinations ...

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