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University of Miami Beats University of Florida in Recent Rankings

Just a few days back, when Canes beat Gators at the Sun Life Stadium, it was hardly known that apart from the football match, there is something more to come to the fore. The focus is on the recent college rankings declared by the The annual U.S. News & World Report. The University of Miami ranked 47th on the ranking list after beating University of Florida by two positions. This is definitely another big win for the UM after the glorious 21-16 football triumph.

Thomas LeBlanc, the executive vice president of University of Miami or UM has numerous plans to keep improving the performance. He recently stated that the school “will continue to focus on attracting top students, providing them with a world-class educational experience, and doing everything possible to ensure that they graduate with a University of Miami degree.”

As per the analysis of U.S. News, UM started the year on a lower note with a bit low graduation rate. However, after considering the overall performance of the institution, it can be said that UM deserves to be there on the 47th position on the list. UF was a tough contender actually for UM to beat. According to the UF chief Joseph Glover, the strongest point of UF is its level of performance during the tough years of recession. Glover stated, “University faculty, staff, students, and supporters helped pull UF through five difficult years of a down national economy and state budget cuts”. He even said “UF’s national ranking is in large part due to their efforts and reflects our continued quest to increase our standing among the nation’s top public universities.” It’s quite clear that both UF and UM worked hard to improve their positions over the time.

Apart from the UM and UF, other schools in Florida which made it to the list successfully are - Florida State University ranking 91 and University of Central Florida and University of South Florida jointly on no 170. There are several other schools in Florida like Florida International University, Barry University and Nova Southeastern University which secured place in the unnumbered list in the “second tier”.

There are a few debates regarding the ranking by the U.S. News. According to educationalists, students should research more rather than just depending on the rankings. The rankings may change according to the overall performance. So, there is hardly any assurance that the current top school will remain in the same position even tomorrow. Jeffrey Brenzel, the former dean of admissions in Yale University feels that students should choose a school after considering personal interests and the priorities. Yale has topped the list of college ranking this year. Even after that Brenzel feels, “There are many excellent reasons to apply to Yale, but Yale’s position in the rankings is not one of them,”

So, whether it’s UM or UF or any other school in Miami, student must select an institution that suits their requirements best. Just a few changes in ranking hardly do any harm to the actual standard and position of an educational institute.

--Written by Selena C. A blogger of OneDIY