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Are Miami Businesses Getting It Right Online?

Miami is the undisputed king of business in Florida. Whilst it’s a city famed more for its tourism, it still has a very strong local customer base. Like other business centers around America, it needs to come to terms with online marketing. It needs to understand more people are choosing to shop online for their products and services.

SEO is the core of this, in terms of both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. So are businesses in Miami getting it right?

Forever Investing

According to the results of a study by MarketLive, 55 percent of Americans shop online during the holiday periods. This is over half of all shoppers. As a business in Miami, you can never invest enough in on-site and off-site SEO.

Since it’s such a prominent business center, it’s a victim of its own success. There’s so much competition for local SEO terms. You need to keep up with the changes made by Google, otherwise known as the Google Dance. Businesses are allocating big budgets for digital marketing departments.

We will never get to a stage where companies are investing enough. It’s a permanent arms race without an end. Allocate as much as you possibly can to on-site SEO.

Local SEO is Key

Local SEO is key for finding clients. If you’re selling a product or service geared to the local market you must understand people search using the term ‘Miami’. You need to target keywords which include this term so you can rank highly for SEO. It’s valuable for businesses.

The businesses which have the most success are those which figure in local news. A link from your company website to a news website featuring a story about your business makes your domain more relevant. You will rank higher as a result.

Off-Page SEO Conundrum

If getting your onsite optimization isn’t hard enough, getting your off-page SEO right can be a minefield. Read http://www.enduranceseo.com/manual-link-building-fools-gold/ to find out how you can avoid a lot of the problems out there. One reason why it’s so difficult is due to Google’s penalties on linking, and their preference for non promotional content materials.

You can’t negotiate to receive backlinks from any website you want. It needs to have a good ranking and provide a great user experience to visitors as well. Both sites need to have positive reputations or the link is worthless. Content mills like Ezine Articles were hit hard when the Google Penguin update started to rank links and content based on quality.

You shouldn’t worry about this. Whilst it’s more difficult, if you’re playing by the rules you won’t lose out to another company simply because you have a smaller budget. It’s not how many links you can get it’s how effective these links are. Make the right local connections and your Miami company will rank higher.

The US Economy and Business

Things are getting better for the economy. We have to face up to the fact the economy isn’t in good shape. The unemployment rate in Miami is currently 9.6 percent. This is above the national average, so local people don’t have a great amount of money to spend. They can’t browse businesses in shopping malls and buy things on an impulse.

You have to stand out. A good online marketing strategy can help you with this. As well as impressing local people, you’ll attract consumers from places like Fort Lauderdale. The improvement in traffic through your local SEO will impact your global SEO prospects. They both interact through organic traffic numbers.

With this in mind, if you want to continue to operate fruitfully in Miami you’re going to need to start concentrating on your digital marketing strategy.