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Burn Notice Nears its Finale after Ruling Over Miami Television

Friday the 13th always has a scary or uncanny feeling attached to it. This friday, that is the 13th day of the month also, will add up to the uncanniness as it’s the last day for the popular TV series Burn Notice. The show is actually the city’s chief source of the fictional attacks, sabotages and the great action scenes. After a  successful run for 7 continuous years, the show will come to an end at 9p.m. on USA Network. This is assumed to be the most popular series since the Miami Vice.

The television show is popular enough to continue such a long run on the television. However, after being appreciated so much, the dramatic exit of the Burn Notice is deemed a bit weird by the fans. According to the producers, Florida needs to develop it’s film subsidies to keep the industry alive and working.

Graham Winick, the chief of Miami Beach’s film office said recently in an interview, “It feels like the rug is being pulled out from under us”. According to him things are getting more and more difficult for the industry to work properly. The production company has already lost three major projects this summer.

The budget, Florida Legislature and the Gov. Rick Scott approved last year, had no special allowance for the incentive program that provides movies, commercials, TV shows and the video games the chance to get almost 30% of the local expenses back as tax credits. Numerous other companies purchase those credits to cut down the Florida tax bills. The program was awarded credits worth nearly $118 million last year.

According to the critics the incentive program has hardly any role to play in the growth of the industry. Critics believe that the program just helps by offering rich subsidies to the businesses behind extravagant buffets on sets and providing lump sum amounts to the actors in form of salary. The supporters and industry insiders differ in their opinion. Supporters feel that to encourage the production houses in Florida, the incentive program is extremely essential.

Burn Notice was the highly subsidized show in the history of Florida since its launch in 2004. The show collected more than $26 million credits and numerous direct payments from the state government. That $26 million doesn’t include the credits for the final season of the show. Last year, the show was qualified for $6.2 million credits. As per the reports, Burn Notice spent around $31 million to qualify for the money in 2012. This is because, Florida offers all the television shows and movies some rebates on the 6% sales tax of the state and this ensures great profit for Burn Notice.

The show may have reached its finale but the fan following is still strong. It’s quite obvious that even if the show ends, Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen will be missed by the show’s followers. After all, it’s not a matter of joke to entertain people with the same show for 7 long years at a stretch.

-- Written by Selena who also share opinions at Discussion of the Day